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ACA Paper Restoration offers services ranging from basic conservation to complex restoration, extending from fine art prints and paintings to personal pieces that hold sentimental value. We specialize in the restoration and conservation of modern and antique pieces.

Damage and age conditions we commonly repair:

  • Acid BurnBrowning/yellowing of the paper which also makes paper brittle.
  • Mat BurnBrown line of acid burn around image.
  • FoxingCorroding particles in paper create unsightly brown spotting.
  • Acidic backing and/or mattingCan cause acid burn if not removed.
  • Tape and adhesiveWill stain the paper if not removed.
  • Poor frame conditionsImproperly framed pieces can deteriorate from exposure to acidic materials, touching the glass, insect droppings, mold spores and humidity.
  • Water DamageRippling, mold/mildew and staining can all occur from exposure to moisture.
  • Mold/MildewCan cause paper and pigment deterioration, textural damage, staining.
  • Insect DamageSilverfish eat away paper and pigment. Droppings can deteriorate and stain paper.
  • Creasing Handling cockles, deep folds, wrinkles, rippling.
  • Surface dirtDust, soot, fingerprints, hair, fur, insect droppings, etc.
  • AbrasionsScuffs, shiny marks, scratches with pigment loss, textural damage.
  • Tears, holes and missing paper.
  • Pigment loss, cracking and fading.

Our Process

ACA Paper Restoration ensures that from start to finish, your items are taken care of.

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